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Imperial as One is all about talent. It's about making sure that diversity is promoted, strengthened and celebrated throughout the College.

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The Equality and Diversity Unit

Whilst fitting within the wider HR (Human Resources) department, we are a dedicated Equality and Diversity Unit mandated to promote and embed all aspects of equality throughout the College’s communities.

Our main responsibilities and remit includes the following:

  • Influencing and advising on best practice in equalities, specifically ensuring compliance with equalities legislation and the College’s own policies, procedures, and processes
  • Mainstreaming equality and inclusiveness throughout all practices and functions
  • Providing a variety of equality and diversity training courses for members of the College, as well as development programmes
  • Ensuring the College’s diversity networks groups are maintained, facilitating two way communication, and ensuring year on year progress
  • Building collaborative working relationships with appropriate community groups, professionals and sector-wide peers
  • Promoting equality and in collaboration work to eliminate all forms of discrimination