Police Now is a charity which strives to transform communities by inspiring, recruiting and developing leaders in policing.

Our National Graduate Leadership Programme offers you a career opportunity like no other: developing leadership skills in a unique environment while making a real and lasting difference to vulnerable communities that are impacted by crime.


Throughout the two-year programme, you’ll be a visible leader in your community. You’ll develop skills in negotiation, problem solving, decision-making, and emotional intelligence as a neighbourhood police officer. At the end of the two years, you will have a number of options inside policing available to you. You’ll be able to continue in a neighbourhood policing role, as well as seek promotion if you feel you have the confidence and skills to do so. You may also choose to leave policing to use the skills and experience you’ve developed in a different role or sector.

Since 2015, we have recruited, trained and developed over 1,000 police officers, posting  them in neighbourhood roles in some of the country’s most deprived communities. Our highly competent graduates play an important role in supporting the nation’s police in their efforts to increase the number of officers across England and Wales, and to drive results.

Applications are open for the following police forces:

  • Avon and Somerset Police.
  • Bedfordshire Police.
  • Cambridgeshire Constabulary.
  • Essex Police.
  • Hertfordshire Constabulary.
  • Humberside Police.
  • Greater Manchester Police.
  • Lancashire Constabulary.
  • Metropolitan Police Service.
  • North Yorkshire Police.
  • Northumbria Police.
  • South Yorkshire Police.
  • Staffordshire Police.
  • Surrey Police.
  • Sussex Police.
  • West Mercia Police.
  • West Midlands Police.

You’ll be there: to act, when action is needed; protect, when protection is required; drive change, when change is necessary.

Are you ready to make a lasting impact in your community?

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