Staffordshire Police Jobs – Control Room Operator

Do you want to help serve and protect our communities? Do you want to make a difference and do you want to help people solve problems?

  • Rank or Grade Grade E + 20% Shift Allowance + 14% Weekend Working Allowance
  • Scope This role forms an integral part of Contact Services. This department is made up of the force control room and switchboard, based at Police Headquarters Stafford and customer service assistants, who are based at enquiry offices around the County.
    The staff who work for us in Contact Services are often the first contact that members of the public have with Staffordshire Police. You will, therefore, be at the forefront of ensuring our communities feel safe and reassured. This is a unique role within the emergency services arena.

The post holder will be responsible for call handing, both 101 non- emergency and 999 emergency calls.

This is a dual role and you will also be responsible for controlling, using the police radio system to send appropriate police resources to incidents, ensuring both the safety of the public and attending officers.

Accurate data inputting onto various police IT systems and information gathering from all our Force data bases ensuring an accurate account of the incident.

You will be required to multi task, gathering, verifying and assessing available information to gain an accurate understanding of the situation, before making clear, timely, justifiable decisions.

Special Conditions This role is based within the force control room at Headquarters. The force control room is subject to a 24 hour rotating shift pattern, 365 days of the year, which includes public bank holidays and weekends for which an appropriate allowance will be paid.
On occasion you may be required to work elsewhere in the County, for example the V festival. A full current driving licence and access to a vehicle, insured for business purposes, is therefore required. You would be remunerated at casual mileage rate for such business travel. Should you not possess a driving licence they would be expected to make their own arrangements in order to attend such necessary commitments.

You will be required to undertake 4 weeks classroom based training followed by 12 weeks on the job training with the tutor bank. When you are allocated the role of a Controller you will receive a day of classroom training followed by 4 weeks dispatching with a Tutor. There are assessments throughout each element to ensure you have understood each stage before you progress to the next module.

You will be required to wear a uniform which will be provided to you upon successful completion of your training.

The successful applicant would be expected to commit to 2 years’ service to this role, to reflect the investment in the training and development given.
Line Manager Control Room Manager
Knowledge and Qualifications The post holder should be able to evidence that they can type to a minimum standard of 30 wpm.

As verbal and written communication skills are key, you should be educated to and possess an English GCSE at C or above or the equivalent.

Behaviours Customer Service
• Sees customers as victims, witnesses , offenders and internal customers
• Takes complete ownership for all customers and always looks to get the best outcome for the victim
• Deals with simple service issues with respect and professionalism
• Offers professional advice and suggestions and finds answers
• Provides regular updates (before they are asked for) and responds quickly

Managing Sensitivities
• Demonstrates a high degree of empathy for those affected by crime
• Adapts personal style to dealing with multiple customers with differing needs
• Builds rapport and confidence with the customer and really listens to understand them
• Builds trust with the customer at what is a very difficult time for them
• Manages conflict appropriately escalating where required

Problem Solving

• Solves simple problems
• Works with a medium level of complexity
• Breaks down complex problems into manageable chunks
• Anticipates problems and develops potential solutions by understanding consequences of actions
• Makes connections between apparently separate pieces of information

Managing Complexity
• Works at a medium level of complexity
• Organises tasks, workload, responses and multiple customers and stakeholders and makes effective use of time
• Prioritises effectively to manage multiple tasks
• Ensure all documents are filed and organised
• Understands a realistic deadline and helps to set them

Situational Judgement

• Makes fast decisions under pressure
• Maintains a right first time approach
• Shows courage in the face of challenges
• Doesn’t take the easy route for the sake of it
• Measures risks by weighing up effectively the likelihood of consequences and outcomes

Communication Skills You will be expected to evidence that you have good listening skills and be able to use effective questioning to get the correct information quickly.

You will be expected to demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills, for all the tasks that you carry out. You should have an ability to adjust communication styles to meet the needs of the caller and will have responsibility for recognising vulnerability and be able to signpost them to the appropriate support services.

Technical Skills
Demonstrable experience and regular use of Microsoft Windows and be prepared to learn new computer systems, bespoke to policing.

Proficient at typing (to at least 30 wpm

Attitudes Open and accepting of change
Positive about our role
Flexible and open to alternative approaches to solving problems
Acts with integrity
Takes ownership of problems and issues
Has a real belief in public service, focussing on what matters to the public
Is a team player
Works well under pressure

Core Responsibilities Activities

The role holder should effectively deliver these key requirements:

  • Operational Support
  • Process calls through the control room – 102
  • Receive and process requests for police and other agency services providing a professional response in line with Charter Standards and organisational policy.