Community Trade Union

We help people at work, at home, and when life gets complicated. We’re big enough to deliver – and small enough to truly care about each and every one of our members. Wherever you work, whatever you do, with Community in your corner, you’re never alone. This is our personal promise to you.

Community is a union for everyone. We are delivering a more equal and fairer world of work. Our equalities activity helps us to do this.


Community is creating a new kind of trade union. We’ve spent decades protecting workers in the UK, and we’re now opening our doors to everyone. So no matter how or where you work, we can protect your job, your living and your family life. We know the world of work is changing, and many of us are feeling less secure than ever before. That’s why we’ve updated our offering, to make sure we can always be there for you.

Community is proud of its diversity and equality. We represent members and their families across all industries and sectors in the UK. While many other unions specialise in very specific industry sectors, Community is proud to be an inclusive organisation. We welcome members from every sector and job type from all over the UK.

We are proud of the diversity of our membership. We represent and welcome members and their families across all industries, sectors and regions of the UK. Striving for equality and fairness for our members at work and in wider society is at the heart of what we do.

Our equalities groups are made up of:

  • Women
  • Disabled workers
  • LGBT+ workers
  • BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) workers.

We organise with these groups because we know discrimination still exists at work and in society. If you identify with one of the above groups, you are likely to be paid less, more likely to be harassed and less likely to be promoted. When bad times hit, these groups of people are the ones most likely to be affected. That’s why equality work is so important to trade unions and goes to the heart of our purpose.

We organise in a number of ways by working with employers nationally and at a local branch level to represent members’ needs, negotiate reasonable adjustments and advise members on issues of importance. This happens through national officers, regional teams and local branch equalities reps.