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H80X1P Karen Blackett speaking at the Huxley Summit, which is being held by the British Science Association at the BFI in London and sees leaders from the business, science, arts and media sectors debating the key scientific and social challenges facing the UK in the 21st century.

Karen Blackett: A Guiding Light in British Media and Beyond

Karen Blackett has established herself as a formidable figure not just within the British media landscape but also…

Lauretta Boston

Lauretta Boston was born in October 1922 in Paddington West London. She first started playing the piano at…

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Black History Month


Online Events Tuesday 18th June

The Power of Therapeutic-Led Fostering

Join our virtual event to explore therapeutic-led fostering! Discover its impact on children in need. Learn techniques empowering…

Lambeth Thursday 20 June - Saturday 6 July

Everything I Own

Errol lost his Dad last year. Listening to his old man’s Spotify playlist, he remembers his Dad’s passion…