Royal Air Force

The RAF has more than 50 roles available, more than 20 of them offer apprenticeships and a full-time salary and guaranteed career. Whether you choose Regular or Reserve you will gain high quality training, competitive benefits and the opportunity to travel.

The modern RAF is made up of both Regular (Full-time) and Reserve (Spare-time) personnel. We are the UK aerial peace-keeping force and we’re there to make a difference, both at home and overseas. We focus on recruiting the best people for every role and make sure we look after all personnel throughout their career.


Our primary role is the defence of UK airspace. Our cutting-edge aircraft allow us to gather intelligence and monitor the skies for threats. Through reconnaissance and surveillance we can respond at a moments notice. However, we also work to help prevent conflicts around the world to help strengthen national and international security. And we are constantly at the ready to help and deliver aid, people and equipment anywhere around the globe.


We offer more than 50 roles, ranging from chefs, suppliers, air operations, musicians, aircraft technicians and medical personnel, including doctors and nurses. Some requiring specialist degrees, others that require no qualifications at all.

But joining the RAF is much more than just the role you apply for. Regardless of the role, gender, age, background or qualifications we offer the following to everyone:

  • World-class training and ongoing development
  • A highly competitive benefits package
  • A culture of camaraderie
  • Individual responsibility within a wider team of exceptional individuals
  • Full-time and Spare-time commitment levels
  • Sporting opportunities, from local/station right up to Olympic level
  • The ability to stay in touch with friends and family while forging new friendships


We have more than 20 roles that deliver accredited apprenticeships. All of our apprentices get the following:

  • A starting salary of £16,840pa from day one of your initial training, going higher as you complete your role/apprenticeship training. A civilian apprentice will earn just over £10,000 in the same role.
  • The range of apprenticeships – from drivers to catering, to engineering to intelligence.
  • A civilian qualification and a guaranteed job once you’ve completed your training.

To gain an RAF apprenticeship you will still need to meet all of the entry and eligibility criteria for the role you wish to apply for, as listed on the RAF Recruitment website and get through all stages of the application process, including interviews, aptitude tests, medical and fitness tests as well as completing initial (basic) RAF training. You will gain the apprenticeship as part of your phase two (role) training.

Take a look at our roles and at our Life in the RAF section to learn about what we have on offer and what a career in the Royal Air Force could be like for you.