Black History Month Resource Pack 2024

Celebrate, Educate, and Inspire with Our Comprehensive Resource Pack!

These are the posters from 2023. Exciting new designs for 2024 will be available soon!

This year’s Black History Month theme, “Reclaiming Narratives,” marks a significant shift towards recognising and correcting the narratives of Black history and culture. By emphasising this theme, we shine a brighter light on stories, allegories, and histories that underscore our commitment to correcting historical inaccuracies and showcasing the untold success stories and the full complexity of Black heritage.

Why “Reclaiming Narratives”?

Honour Our Heroes: Challenge the narratives that have often overlooked the contributions and achievements of Black individuals both in the UK and globally.

Embrace Our Stories: Take control of our stories, honour our heroes, and shine a light on the diverse and profound impact of Black individuals across various fields.

Empower and Educate: Join us in embracing, educating, and empowering one another through the stories that shape our collective identity.

What’s Included in the Resource Pack:

Poster from 2022. Exciting new designs for 2024 will be available soon

5 Stunning Posters (A1 Size):

Pay tribute to extraordinary contributions across various fields. Each poster is meticulously designed to inspire and educate:

Reclaiming Literary Narratives: Celebrating Black Voices in Literature

Highlight influential Black authors, poets, and playwrights who have shaped and reclaimed their stories in the literary world.

Innovators and Inventors: Reclaiming Black Contributions to Science and Technology

Showcase Black scientists, engineers, and inventors whose groundbreaking work has reclaimed their place in the history of innovation.

Voices of Activism: Reclaiming Black Narratives in Social Justice

Feature prominent Black activists and leaders who have championed social justice and civil rights.

Heroes of Service: Honouring Black Contributions in the Armed Forces

Recognising and celebrating the service and sacrifices of Black individuals in the armed forces throughout history.

Timeline of Triumph: Reclaiming Black History

A chronological poster that highlights key events, figures, and milestones in Black history.

52 Individual Black British and Global Icons Posters to Download:

Available in A3, A2, and A4 sizes for download and print. Perfect for classroom displays or to inspire students to learn more about these incredible individuals.

Poster from 2022. Exciting new designs for 2024 will be available soon

Additional Downloadable Resources:

  • 52 Individual Black British and Global Icons Posters to Download
  • BHM Supporter Logos
  • BHM 2024 Screensaver
  • 5 BHM 2024 Roller Blind Artwork
  • BHM Teams Meeting Backdrop
  • BHM Logos
  • Downloadable Head Teachers Assembly Notes
  • Downloadable Lesson Plans for Schools
  • Screensaver and Social Media Elements

ORDER NOW to celebrate and educate with our comprehensive Black History Month Resource Pack. Together, let’s reclaim our narratives and honour the true legacy of Black history.

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