A Girl’s Dream

The room is dark,
The room is cold,
I try to sleep.
I want to dream of life beyond my dangerous street…

I want to sparkle, shine and sing like Beyonce.
Her glamour and smile fill the room with hope.

Or could I be Simone or Serena both from different

But both so strong, determined and never give up.
But fame and fortune aside, maybe my future is Rosa Parks

Fearless, stubborn and filled with self-belief.
A story from ordinary to extraordinary!
Dawn breaks and the next day brings light, hope and new beginnings.

It is up to me to create my own history.
Tell us a little about Yourself (Optional)

My name is Mia. My mum grew up in Kenya and she spends a lot of time telling me how lucky I am to have a lot of things that other children do not have. We talked about people I learnt about during Black History Month and what qualities they had that made them so special and how if you were a little girl with nothing what each of these people would mean to you.