Pilots of the Caribbean + Tuskeegee Airmen (Red Tails)

Sunday 25th September

Rare archive footage and heroic stories of Black fighter/bomber crews of World War 2 to coincide with the Battle of Britain anniversary


Pilots of the Caribbean, Tuskegee Airmen and Heroes of African Heritage. The story before the Windrush! Adventure with the real Top Guns of the past!

A cinematic experience of rare archive footage and heroic stories of Black fighter/bomber pilots, navigators and air crew of World War 2 and talks to coincide with the Battle of Britain month.

The Caribbean, African and African-African American contribution in the 1940’s against the background of World War 2 is consistently over-looked and under-represented. This two-hour, multi-media presentation will entertain and highlight the stories of their achievements. Fighting for freedom and democracy, their outstanding bravery and sacrifice helped re-shape the world and left a lasting legacy.


  • Unreleased and archive footage of their exploits
  • Details of the missions, aircraft they flew and where they served
  • Learn what was happening in the Caribbean, America and Africa at the outbreak and during the war and why without these heroes the war could not have been won!
  • Get further resources and websites that tell these stories


  • Music and fashion these heroes took around the world
  • An officer and a gentleman – a warrior and a lady. Hair style and flair of the 1940’s
  • Win free hair products! Luster Pink, S-Curl and Pink Kids competitions for all the family
  • Unique merchandise will be available

Adults and children will equally be astounded! We will also detail the numerous Black Royal Air Force veterans who provided leadership for a variety of Black British Civil Rights groups in post war Britain as referenced in the new Pearson Migration GCSE exam text book for schools. After defeating Hitler’s Nazi German tyranny, many of these RAF heroes also led the independence movement to break the colonial hold of the British Empire on their countries.

NB we have a limited amount of adult tickets from this site but if you want multiple adult/child and/or family tickets please contact Phoenix cinema directly 020 8444 6789

This is an interactive session and part of a six month series of Phoenix Family Fun Sundays, Black history events which will include:

Tropical Island “Carnival” Movie Premiere – A Red Carpet Event Starring Monty Mango, Su Su Pineapple and Bernie Banana

Sunday 4th September: 12pm -2pm

Buy your ticket and come on a fun filled ‘holiday’ in a cinematic experience of sun, sea, sand and salsa! A brand new, original animated children’s film set on a fictional tropical island. You get to visit and join-in the interactive fun and storyline. Tropical Island is based on the popular live theatre show and co-produced BBC TV puppet show – which many of adult fans watched when they were young. This show will have you singing and dancing in the cinema aisles – so dress to impress and win prizes!


  • Red carpet movie premiere
  • Free gift from Tropical Island
  • Prizes and competitions!
  • Music and sing-a-long interactive fun
  • Smiles, laughter and comedy
  • Character hair bundle packs with Luster Pink, S-Curl and Pink Kids competitions for all the family
  • •Unique merchandise will be available

Directors Cut – Raising Tennis Aces: Richard, Venus & Serena Williams Story –

20th Anniversary Red Carpet Event. Sunday 9th October 12pm -2pm

This is the real story told by the real family. Long before the award-winning King Richard movie starring Will Smith , this officially authorised film shows what it was like to live with the Williams family and gives a deep insight into the sporting phenomenon of the two champion tennis stars and their father’s unrelenting vision of success. Original never-before-seen footage and interviews and a powerful insight through training with their father Richard Williams and his philosophy. You will get a detailed view and understanding into the lives of the sport superstars and their and previously unknown background. Plus, Q&A with producer/director Terry Jervis.