Sona Jobarteh

Saturday 11 May

Multi-instrumentalist and esteemed kora player, Sona Jobarteh performs her expansive and ambitious sophomore album Badinyaa Kumoo as part of her tour.


One of five principal kora playing families from West Africa, Jobarteh stands on the mighty shoulders of her musical tradition which she seamlessly mixes with Western instrumentation.

Preparing a place for the next generation Jobarteh blends traditional music with blues and Afropop with her new album Badinyaa Kumoo (Words of Unity). With this plethora of new compositions Jobarteh explores the familial bond and through her performance extends the invitation to the audience, inviting us all in, reflecting the wider unity of humanity.

Fronting her band as Africa’s first female griot kora virtuoso Jobarteh’s performance springs directly from tradition, with vocals performed in Mandinka alongside djembé and calabash.

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