High Focus: Ed Scissor, Verbz & Mr Slipz, DJ Sammy B-Side

Friday 22nd April



Hailing from Croydon, Verbz is one of the most exciting up and coming rappers to come out of the UK and has become known for his effortless flow and introspective lyrics – the young MC has been making waves upon waves in the scene due to his undeniable gift.

Mr Slipz

Brighton based producer, Mr Slipz, has made a name for himself over the last few years as one of the most prolific producers on the south coast, known for his laid back jazzy sound as well as an unmistakable attention to detail and ‘that’ crusty lo fi sound.

DJ Sammy B-Side

DJ Sammy B-Side is about it. Regularly murdering DJ sets and live shows with his CP, SMB and HF teams all over the UK, from Europe to Australia and beyond, DJ Sammy B-Side has fully cemented himself as one of the go-to UK Hip Hop Disk Jockeys of his generation. Tireless touring, lacing cuts and flying the flag for home-grown music the globe over, this DJ is unquestionably about it. Ask anyone, they will tell you.