Sun, 7 April 2019 16:00 – 19:00

You are being invited to attend our free acting work shop that is going to be held in London on SUNDAY 7th APRIL. We run these work shops to mainly help struggling or aspiring actors and disadvantage youths in the community. We welcome beginners and adults too. They are geared towards nurturing talent to a higher level using various techniques including method and Stanislavsky’s. It’s also beneficial for confidence building and job interview skills. All in all its a fun and enjoyable occasion.
At the work shop, you will have the opportunity to work with actors who has appeared in Channel four and BBC projects. . There are also agents and other productions company attending to discover new talent.
At the end of the work shop, there will be a performance of a play by some of our actors whom we are currently working with on a TV and theatre production. This workshop will also be an induction and prelude for our performing arts accedemy, esspecially prepared for those who want to pursue acting profesionally.
To book a space, please reply today as places are limited. We will then send you details.
Best wishes,