Tracing African & Caribbean Ancestry | The Truth About What’s in a Name?

Wednesday 25 October

Unveiling new, pioneering, and empowering research that throws new light on naming practices in North America.


Attendees will discover fascinating insights into the naming practices within North American enslaved societies. Specifically designed for organisations facilitating Black and ethnic minority staff networks, this talk uncovers hidden histories of Black ancestry and resistance against oppression.

About The Speaker

Paul Crooks is a published author and trailblazing genealogist with a specialist interest in Black ancestry. He pioneered research into Black genealogy during the 1990s when he became the first to trace his family history from London, back six generations, to ancestors enslaved on a sugar plantation in North America 200 years ago.

Paul discovered that his ancestors were enslaved on a sugar plantation.

Paul gained national recognition for his work when his acclaimed historical novel Ancestors (based on the true story of the author’s Ancestors) was published in 2002. He appeared on Who Do You Think You Are? (Moira Stuart) as the expert in Black British genealogy. His second book A Tree Without Roots is the seminal guide to tracing Black British ancestry.
Paul is credited with inspiring an upsurge in interest in Black and British ancestry.

He’s also recognised for having spawned an industry in African Caribbean genealogy.