Rejuvenate yourself in beautiful Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a stunning destination, whether you're after romance, adventure or just like me to rejuvenate and find out all there is to know about this beautiful Island; its people and culture.

I’m staying at the St Lucian by rex resorts, which one of the most well-established hotels in St Lucia. In my view the St Lucian is probably one of finest Hotels in St Lucia, it has everything; its located on Reduit Beach, which is definitely the island’s best beach; friendly management and staff and its located in Rodney Bay where most of the local bars are located.

Saint Lucia offers a variety of authentic cultural experiences that showcase the rich diversity of the island’s heritage. A number of rural communities offer cultural immersion activities that range from cocoarina dancing, cassava making to exploring and tasting Saint Lucia’s local fruits.

The creole culture of Saint Lucia will permeate all aspects of your visit and leave an indelible mark on your heart.


Saint Lucia boasts a unique and interesting night-life with many restaurants and bars lining the Rodney Bay strip. Every Friday night, you can choose from two fish fries to enjoy the local fare or just have a few drinks in a local setting with pumping Caribbean music as the backdrop.

Check out the The VERVE Bar & Grill which is located in the heart of the busy and fast-paced Rodney Bay Village.The bar has an ambience like no other. It exudes a party atmosphere that lightens your mood and invigorates the senses. Its flashing lights are something you can’t miss. It will fascinate you and keep you spellbound, and compel you to join the party!

Nature & Adventures

Hiking in Canaries Saint Lucia If you want to do more than lounge on the beach, Saint Lucia is the right choice for your vacation. Whatever your mood, Saint Lucia can offer you an attraction or activity which will delight you. Wherever you go, colours will mesmerize you, vistas will astound you and the tropical air will caress you. You’ll find all of your senses working overtime on Saint Lucia. Choose from the endless tours and attractions that are set within the lush landscape of Saint Lucia.

Water Activities

Sea and sun naturally attract many visitors and the variety and number of beaches abound. For those who envisage relaxation or some level of moderate water activities, most resorts provide opportunities for waterskiing, laser or sunfishing, kayaking, snorkeling and windsurfing.

Serious adventure seekers have much more to occupy their time with activities such as fishing, diving, snuba, sea trekking, flyboarding and kitesurfing.

Yachting & Sailing

Saint Lucia truly is an island paradise for water lovers! The warm trade winds that gently tousle tree tops are ideal for sailing the deep blue waters that surround the island. The Caribbean Sea, which caresses the western coast of the island, is known to be particularly calm in comparison to the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast, and is a favorite among avid sailors and first timers.

The yachting sector is alive and vibrant in Saint Lucia and offers visitors an opportunity to appreciate the absolute beauty of the island from a whole new perspective. Saint Lucia’s deep blue waters beckon all who visit to join the many who’ve sailed its seas and stare in awe at the island’s luscious rolling hills, magnificent pitons and rich sandy beaches.

Saint Lucia is as pristine now as it was during the pirates’ heyday, but with a modern touch. The island is home to two state-of-the-art marinas that provide exceptional service of an international standard. The IGY Rodney Bay Marina, located in the north of the island, is nestled in an inner lagoon that provides protection and safety, while the Marina at Marigot Bay, situated along the west coast, is a natural haven for sailing vessels. Both marinas are just a stone’s throw from shopping facilities, a variety of restaurants and nightlife, perfect for that moment when you want to get away from the gentle sway of the water and plant your feet firmly on solid ground.

A sailing trip around Saint Lucia is perfect for lounging, recharging and relaxation. All you need are some good friends, cold drinks and fresh seafood to have the perfect day. Who knows you just might witness the elusive green flash! Discover why Saint Lucia has been dubbed the Helen of the West, whether on land or sea, Saint Lucia is the place that has it all!

Whale & Dolphin Watching

The waters surrounding Saint Lucia not only feature a carnival of colorful coral reefs but also great marine life. Over 20 species of whale and dolphin live and visit these waters. You can spot sperm, humpback and pilot whales as well as spinners, spotted and bottleneck dolphins. This is a great tour for the all the family to enjoy. For more information, visit or


Saint Lucia offers great snorkelling opportunities along the west coast. Crystal clear waters showcase an array of colourful coral reefs and fish which can be spotted just a few yards from shore in certain areas.


A combination of scubadiving and snorkelling, SNUBA offers a chance for all the family to experience the beauty Saint Lucia has to offer below the sea as well as above. You do not need any certification or diving experience and those with even the basic swimming skills are able to participate. Click Here


Guests are equipped with the specially designed Sea Trek helmet which sits comfortably on your shoulders. Trekkers breathe freely underwater from a continuous flow of air pumped into the back of the helmet through a hose attached to a Pod system which carries scuba cylinders. There are no masks, no mouthpieces, no stress and no complications. You can even wear your prescription glasses, as your entire head stays dry throughout your underwater adventure. For more information visit Cox & Company at

Flyboard Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia boast the new jetovator tour in Saint Lucia. This activity is for the adventurous, thrill seekers, fearless, bold, explorers who love the water, sun and fun.


Experience kitesurfing in Saint Lucia on the atlantic coast with its rugged coast line and windblown waters. It is an adventure of a lifetime. Kitesurfing is offered at the Coconut Bay Saint Lucia Surf Shack in the south of the island and in the north of the island at Cas en Nas beach.

Getting Around St Lucia

Minibuses and Taxis

Minibuses serve as the main ground transportation for the island. These buses run on varied times depending on the route. Fares range from EC$2.50 to EC$8.00. All minibuses have a green number plate with an M prefix. Taxis are easily available at taxi stands or by telephone. All authorized taxis have a light blue number plate with a TX prefix. Fares vary by destination and nature of trip. Before you hire a taxi, confirm the fare. From Hewanorra International Airport to Castries takes around an hour.

Water Taxis

Water taxis are a main source of income for many locals and can be a much quicker, convenient and picturesque method of travelling short distances to private beaches or coastal towns. Many water taxi operators in the Town of Soufriere can be found at the jetty. The rates of these drivers are a little high and can be bargained down. There are a few taxi owners who regularly play dominoes and sell drinks near the Hummingbird Hotel and Soufriere beach. They can offer a much cheaper rate. From Soufriere, you can take a water taxi to Anse Chastenet and Jalousie Beaches

Car Rental

Cars, 4-wheel drive vehicles and scooters can be booked in advance through your travel agent or locally at the airports, hotels or car rental offices. A temporary driving licence is required for visitors and may be obtained upon presentation of a valid driving license on arrival at the airport, the police station in Castries or the car rental offices. Remember to drive on the left side.


Those who prefer to do much of their traveling on the water will find that Saint Lucia is well serviced by ferries, making it easy to include Saint Lucia in any island hopping tour. Several ferry lines connect Saint Lucia with Martinique, Dominica and Guadeloupe. Visit which operates a ferry service between Saint Lucia and Martinique. Other ferry services are available on