In Conversation with Dana Masters – 4 Corners Festival

Friday 3th February 2023

In Conversation with Dana Masters – the 2023 big music conversation of 4 Corners Festival Belfast


Following a much loved series of such evenings with Gary Lightbody, Ricky Ross, Duke Special and last year Ruth McGinley we are excited to have Dana Masters as our big music interview.

Dana was born and raised in South Carolina where her family, particularly her Grandmother were involved in the Civil Rights movement. She then moved to Minneapolis to study music and actually sang with Prince before another move to where everyone makes the big time, LA. There she met and fell in love with Andrew Masters which brought this amazing voice to Northern Ireland. As well as her solo gigs giving off a jazz ‘n soul sound. She was vocalist alongside Van Morrison for many years.

As well as her solo gigs giving off a jazz ‘n soul sound, she was vocalist alongside Van Morrison for many years. Tonight we will be talking about Civil Rights, its impact on America as well as the families of its leaders, and how this American woman of colour loves food, the Northern Irish landscape, culture and church.

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After years standing behind Van Morrison, Dana Masters is now front and centre in her own solo career. She has a Jazz voice to astonish with. Steve Stockman will be chatting to her about her family’s roots in the Civil Rights movement of South Carolina as well as her life now in the Dromara Hills… and of course she will be singing!

4 Corners Festival 2023

‘Dreams…Visions for Belfast.’

The festival runs from January 27 to February 5 and features a range of events including art, music, discussion, sport, and more. 4 Corners events are designed to entice people out of their own corners of the city to visit places they have never been, and to make new friends along the way.

This year’s busy programme includes a photographic exhibition and discussion of homelessness in the city, a panel discussion on women in peacebuilding, and events exploring young people’s visions for Belfast.