African Youth Development & Transformation Conference

Sat 29 September 2018 09:00 – 17:00 BST

“If we as a people realised the Greatness from which we came, we would be less likely to disrespect ourselves”– Marcus Garvey

When the Prime Minister vowed to tackle racial disparity in Britain, who among our communities felt the government were serious, or even capable? Why, because beyond the statistics, the programmes, the initiatives and employability schemes is a collective amnesia that ignores how the racial socialisation of ethnic communities mis-orientates African and African Caribbean people in Britain.

The most affected are young people, which manifests in shocking levels of state detention, violence, educational attainment, unemployment, mental health and well-being. While all of that qualitative analysis is well documented, where does one begin understanding how to shift the psychological environment of young people when we can’t shift the physical environment? Where does one begin understanding and managing the emotional and behavioural challenges of African and African Caribbean children in order to shape their destiny towards positive outcomes in spite of the racial ecologies and discrimination they face?

At this conference, our host Dr Erica McInnis will facilitate a day of assessment, formulation, intervention, dissemination and evaluation of our youth from an African Psychology perspective. The conference will centre on youth development from an African Psychology framework that equips practitioners with tools and best practice for managing African and Afro Caribbean children through the racial socialisation process. It’s a conference for those active in promoting healing and wellness in young people across multiple disciplines. If you’re a parent or professional concerned with youth development and with improving the cultural and racial esteem of Black children this is a must attend.

Conference Agenda & Timetable

Registration: 9am – 9:30pm

Seminar One: 9:30am – 11am

Title: Assessment

The State African’s in the Diaspora
Making Sense of Young Peoples Experiences
Disparities in a Cultural Context
Impact of the Maafa and Historical Trauma Young People

Seminar Two: 11:30 – 1pm

Title: Formulation

A Vision for Young Africans & Afro Caribbean’s
A Paradigm of African Psychology
7B’s to Help Black Youth Achieve.
Black & Bi-racial Identity Development Models

Seminar Three: 1:30pm – 3pm

Title: Interventions

Prevention Strategies
Intervention Strategies
Transformation Strategies
Strategies for Emotional Resilience & Personal Development
Therapeutic Practice from Ancient African Culture

Seminar Four: 3:30pm – 5pm

Title: Disseminations & Evaluation

Strategies in Action – Live Cases Studies
African Centred Emotional & Behavioural Management
Detention vs Mindfulness
Risk Assessment & African Centred Evaluations

Who Should Attend

Students & trainees
Youth workers
Religious/ spiritual leaders and practitioners
Foster Carers
Public and community educators/leaders
Social workers
Forensic practitioners
Health and social care staff or support workers

“The future belongs to those who plan for it today”– Malcom X

Facilitator: Dr Erica Mapule McInnis

Dr McInnis is an African Centred Chartered Clinical Psychologist and International Relations Rep (Abpsi Board of Directors, 2018).

Disclaimer: This is an educational conference that is not intended to be nor should they be treated as a substitute for professional counselling, advice, or therapy. If and when necessary, participants must be urged to seek the help of qualified mental health professionals.

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