Fun Stories From Far Away with Sade Fadipe

Saturday 11th June

Free Children’s Workshop with storytelling told in claps and rhymes with art & craft activities too


Sade majorly lived and schooled in Kent with her English foster mother, for the first six years of her life, before relocating to Nigeria with her parents. After a first degree in English (Linguistics) and a bag of cultural accessories, she returned to England. There she attained a Post-graduate in Education and has since taught at schools in London and Essex.

In 1996, a guest author visited her school. It was the world acclaimed Quetin Blake – and there her inspiration to one day write for children was ignited. A good twenty years later, she released her very first book A Fun ABC published by Cassava Republic Press.

Sade’s bi-cultural identity weaves through the stories she tells. Knowing that not everyone will have the opportunity of visiting or living in West Africa, she unapologetically showcases the continent in its rural glory.

Through her books, she celebrates and introduces both African and non-African children to the music, food, culture and family bonds that Africans experience, the contemporary gender roles they exhibit and emphasises the humanity that binds us.

Sade’s books

A Fun ABC (2016) also re-titled A Visit to Grandad (2019) in the USA for ages 3-7

Snowy Joy (illustrated chapter book) for ages 9+

A Bouncy 123 Due out in Autumn 2022