JOM Charity Afro-Celtic CRER Black History Month Exhibition Open Day

Saturday 10 October 2021

“CrossRoads, Mending Bridges”- (Exploring Afro-Celtic Textiles contribution to identity) Part of CRER Black History Month program BHM, 2021.


This open day organised by JOM Charity, Johfrim Art and Design & Kakofoni as part of CRER Black History Month 2021.

In conjunction with a virtual and physical exhibition that highlights questions such as –

What’s textiles and can it be used as a tool to create harmonious and peaceful co existence amongst races? We can define Textile as an art form achieved by weaving, knitting, crocheting, knotting, tatting and felting, bonding or braiding yarns together.

The origin and history of African and Scottish textiles spans centuries and their beauty are still appreciated today.

Can textile be used as a tool to mend bridges by knowledging the differences and celebrating the similarities, when it is used to bond clans & communities?