ONE LIVE Festival

Saturday 8th July 2017 - 3pm til 11pm

ONE LIVE Festival is back for 2017, this year taking place in the heart of Guildford at Stoke Park on 8th July 2017. With an all new line up for 2017, The Boomtown Rats are set to perform alongside The Darkness, Toploader, Reverend & The Makers, Hunter & The Bear, Mel C and Republica.

In its third year, 2017 promises to be an even bigger and better event right at the heart of the Guildford community.

ONE LIVE is an exciting and unique festival, the brainchild of Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, best known in the hearts of the nation as ‘THE SUPERVET’ from Channel 4.

The festival supports Noel’s vision for a community of compassion where every person and every animal is our neighbour and where we genuinely care about each other.

Together, regardless of our colour, sexuality, religion, nationality or species, we create a currency of love for a better world. Noel has dedicated his entire life to moving medicine forward for animals and humans at the same time. ONE LIVE is the beating heart of this mission.

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick says:

“From my very early years listening to an old broken radio in a farmhouse in Ireland, I absolutely knew that it was easier to inject music into people’s veins than medicine. I have dedicated my life to making medicine not just a currency for health but also for hope and love in the world – for all animals and for all humans – One Medicine. I am so excited to have Bob Geldof with us this year because he shared this love and common sense of purpose with the world more than 30 years ago at Live Aid and now we bring it to Guildford.

ONE LIVE really is ‘The Festival with a Heart’. Every person in the field last year felt part of something special, part of something that could actually change the world – because if enough worthy people dream a worthy dream – I genuinely believe that will come true.

If you love your children or your dog or your cat and you would like to make a better world for all humans and animals to inherit, please come join us at ONE LIVE in July. I promise that you will not leave this field in Surrey without knowing that every one of us can make a difference – and can have a fantastic time doing so, side-by-side with companions on this journey of love and in hope for a better world. One Love, One Planet, One Medicine, ONE LIVE.”

Diana Roberts, Tourism Marketing & Development Manager, Visit Guildford says:It is incredibly exciting that ONE LIVE will be in Guildford this year. It is an established event that is growing fast, and brings a superb event to Stoke Park that will attract local people, visiting friends and family, and tourists for great entertainment”