Black History Canal cruise: Regent’s Canal

Sunday, 28 April

Relaxed sightseeing cruise and picnic on Regent’s Canal with guided commentary on the centuries of African/Caribbean history.


There are centuries of Black history across Britain’s canal networks. This guided cruise from Little Venice to Camden will expose and explore some of that history. Your exclusive, comfortable canal boat will float gently along the quiet backwaters of this busy city while we cover:

  • Black scientists and inventors
  • Ancient African engineering
  • The real Bridgerton, rich Black British people of the 1800s
  • The Trinidad connection, canals and big money
  • African Americans and Civil Wars
  • Luxuries and classic British culture
  • Racist statues and those who defend them, the Austrian example
  • Caribbbean labour and the British Industrial Revolution
  • World War 2 and British Nazis
  • Armed Black resistance against white supremacy
  • British sewage in the West Indies
  • Your underwear, health norms and 39 billion pounds

Plus. While on our voyage of discovery we supply you with tasty M&S sandwiches with ‘lashings and lashings of ginger beer’ or Fruit Punch if you prefer.