Spring’s Awakenings: Embracing and Opening to Season’s Fortune

Fri, 27 March 2020 18:30 – 22:00

A special interactive workshop, centred on health, longevity, self-love and community healing.

About this Event

With each new season comes an intuitive call for self-reflection and transformation. Increasingly we recognise that changing seasons awaken our self-awareness and desire for healing, to see ourselves anew and alight into the temporal landscape with fresh insight. But how can we do this practically to ensure our health and longevity is more than a fleeting aspiration?

Building on the Afrikan Women and the Feminine Divine Workshop we delivered last year, this closing session of a month long Afrikan Women’s programme is both celebration and practice of attuning to the seasonal changes from winter to spring. Since Spring has been accorded the month of women, when we celebrate fertility, growth and rebirth we will honour this feminine divine quality of the season.

The session will feature brief meditation, affirmations with techniques to inspire self-love and abundance, as we acknowledge that Spring is a time of abundance – everything proliferating in the new light after the long dark days in hibernation. As before this session will feature sensory activities to elevate the imagination, creativity, intuition, nurturing, compassion, love, spirituality. Participants will be invited to embrace and open to the powerful transformative energies of Spring and reconnect with ancient wisdoms that generated health and longevity.

You are welcome to this love fuelled interactive and to which you are invited to bring your spirited and best aspirations for the new season.


Michelle Asantewa is a writer, publisher, editor and cultural educator. Founder of Way Wive Wordz Publishing, Editing and Tuition Services, a platform that accommodates a range of learning and creative aspirations. She is the author of Elijah, The Awakening and Other Poems , Guyanese Komfa: The Ritual Art of Trance – her PhD thesis, Something Buried in the Yard and Mama Lou Tales: A Folkloric biography of a Guyanese Elder.

Nicole-Rachelle Moore is a Cultural Educational Consultant and coordinates the GPI’s [George Padmore Institute] Events, Outreach and Publicity initiatives . Through the GPI the public can access a wide-ranging archive of rare publications relating principally to the experience of the Black community nationally and internationally from the 1960s onwards. Nicole also works with the pioneering publishers New Beacon Books. She regularly consults on a range of cultural and educational issues at schools, colleges and other institutions. She is the Co-Editor of Dream to Change World: The Book of the Exhibition (2018) on the life and legacy of John La Rose. Caribbean Studies and Post Colonial Cultures are her areas of her research interest.


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