Black British History children’s summer virtual course for 10-14 year olds

Saturday 29th July

This Black British History course will enhance your child’s historical knowledge and understanding whilst filling in ‘gaps’ left by schools.


The course will consist of seven 90 minute lessons, delivered over eight weeks by an experienced educator, with over 16 years experience teaching History in Secondary schools.

Spaces are already filling up fast so don’t miss the opportunity to enrol your child in these free Black History lessons!

Students will learn topics that ‘fill in the gaps’ of the KS2 & 3 curriculum to challenge the Eurocentric lens through which History is taught. Teaching Black presence in Britain will challenge the misconception that Black people have only been in Britain post WW2. Teaching Pre-colonial civilisations like Great Zimbabwe and the Kingdom of Kush help to challenge the imperialist narrative that justified colonialism.

It shows that civilisations existed prior to European colonisation and challenges racist stereotypes of people of African descent. By teaching Trade, Industry, Empire and Slavery as an interconnecting module it connects the dots to show how Britain developed through colonial exploitation and slavery whilst deindustrialising colonies like India. Understanding Racist ideology and Pseudo Scientific Racism helps to show how Colonialism and Imperialism functioned and laid the foundations of Apartheid states and structural inequality here in the UK. Black Activism highlights resistance to oppression and discrimination both within Britain and its colonies, dispelling the myth that racism is an American problem, whilst also exploring the need for solutions in today’s Britain.

Teaching about contributions of Ethnic minorities to Britain is important to combat negative narratives and stereotypes about immigrants coming to Britain, important when you consider decisions made that led to the Windrush Scandal.

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