Black History for Beginners: From the Ancients to the Present

Sunday 23 January 2022

Online event journeying through the most enlightening periods of Black history from the ancient to the modern era.


Paul Crooks is unique among Black History Month speakers discussing engaging topics relating to the experience of Black British & North American people.

In this talk, Paul will take you on a journey through the most enlightening periods Black history from to the modern era. He will

  • highlight key topics and events along the epic Black History timeline
  • emphasise events where people from the Motherland, North America and from Britain have taken action – on a grand scale – to shape their future and the future of others.
  • This talk is designed primarily to help improve the self-respect of Black Britons and North Americans, and give them a brighter, more optimistic outlook. It’s also designed to help other people view Black people with more appreciative eyes.

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