Can Data Be Racist?

Thursday 9 December 2021

Can Data Be Racist?Discussion of ways to close the racial gap in health outcomes by identifying, confronting, and abolishing racism in our data analysis


Because of the police brutality against people of color and the inequitable burden of COVID-19-related morbidity and mortality on the Black community, the impact of centuries of racism in America is now on the national stage. In our roles as clinicians, scientists, researchers, and policy makers, it is imperative that we acknowledge that the only way to close the racial gap in health outcomes is by identifying, confronting, and abolishing racism, including in our data and analysis.

In this seminar called “Can Data Be Racist?”, Sarah B. Andrea, Ph.D., M.P.H, will facilitate a discussion of Dr. Boyd et al’s recent Health Affairs article, “On Racism: A New Standard for Publishing on Racial Health Inequities”. Attendees are expected to read this short article and watch a 30-minute introduction video ahead of the seminar. (The article and video will be available to registrants two weeks prior to the event). We will break into smaller groups to go into depth on the topic of “how should I interpret race in my analysis?”.

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