Decolonising African Religion

Sunday 24 October - Sunday 7 November 2021

Conversations on decolonising African religion explores various themes in the religious experience of pre-colonial Africa. It’s a portrait of Africa’s religious history and culture, on its own merit and terms, without the Europeanised lens with which scholars and anthropologists have traditionally presented Africa’s spiritual traditions.


When we use the word “decolonising”, we mean removing the western conceptual framework upon which African religions and cultures are purported, and applying indigenous philosophical thinking upon which African religious belief systems are built.

Joining this programme provides members an overview of the epistemologies and theologies of indigenous religion in Africa. In addition, with spirituality being an indivisible force for social and political progress, we discuss the utility of religion for Africa’s future. In other words, in the age of pluralism and multiplicity, what does spiritual reclamation do for African unity and an African Union? Religion has always been a powerful and enduring force in African society, but does a “return to the source” provide a building block for Pan Africanism to be achieved?

This programme has been designed for all interest groups but should be of particular interest to researchers, historians, anthropologists, and students of religious studies in the western academy.

Series Schedule:

Oct 17th – Consciousness, Ka, & African Cosmologies

Oct 24th – Christianity & Islam in Africa

Oct 31th – Society, Culture & Rituals

Nov 7th – Ancestors, divination, & practice

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