Sharing Dreams and Struggles Within our Black African Caribbean Community

Sun, 18 April 2021 19:00 – 21:00 BST

We are here to make a difference for our black community. Equality, diversity and inclusion should be for all and not just the privileged.

Baraka akina dada na kaka!

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Guest Speaker – Arta Heath, Managing Director/Solicitor

We welcome a new regular speaker at our events, Arta Heath, from MyUKVisas. MyUKVisas is a specialist immigration law firm with offices in Huddersfield and Sheffield.

Arta will be joining us to highlight citizenship and immigration issues directly affecting the black community, especially the Windrush generation scandal. MyUKVisa is a company focused on visas and immigration, and they are truly experts in their field. They bring a wealth of expert knowledge and experience. Over the last year, they have helped clients from over 60 different countries.

Sharing Dreams and Struggles Within our Black African Caribbean Community.

We are looking forward to meeting our black African Caribbean community and others from anywhere within the UK and abroad. Being able to converse and share things with others who share the same heritage and ideals is indeed a good way of coming together in unity, solidarity and strength.

We are encouraging our community to strive towards the changes that need to happen along with offering support in any way possible. Lets engage in some quality time and enjoy sharing anything we feel to discuss together, during our regular online sessions.

Systemic and institutional racism along with oppression is and has always been prevalent in the UK regarding our black/brown African Caribbean community residents, this must and has to change now.

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