The Colour of Anxiety: Reinterpreting Problematic Victorian Sculpture

Wednesday 20th September

Join #ArtHistoryFestival2023 to learn about The Colour of Anxiety exhibition at the Henry Moore Institute.


Dr Adrienne L. Childs and Dr Nicola Jennings discuss The Colour of Anxiety: Race, Sexuality and Disorder in Victorian Sculpture which they recently guest curated at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds.

Showing images from the exhibition, they review the challenges of presenting to a contemporary audience a selection 19th century sculptures and paintings which responded to and reinforced problematic conceptions of the female body, race and sexuality.

Joined by Laurence Sillars, they also consider the positive response to the exhibition by the general public and local and national press, and how the experience demonstrates that a diverse range of visitors are interested and receptive to pre-modern artworks if they are interpreted in relevant ways.


Dr Childs is Adjunct Curator at the Phillips Collection, Washington D.C. and independent scholar.

Dr Jennings is Director, Athena Art Foundation and Visiting Lecturer at the Courtauld Institute of Art

Laurence Sillars, Head of the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

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