Woman World Today Wellness Event Expo & Awards

Saturday 4 September 2021

Get Pampered! Free Wellbeing Therapies, 500 Goody Bags to give away on the day


Highlights of exhibitors: capturing the reality visualising The dream, Realitie ZA STORM Footwear, Zephan Ashley, Surpass The Obstacles Restricting Movement Miami Health Club, Books, Jewellery, Cakes, Weddings, Tiaras & Flowers, Reneque Samuels Childrens Clothing, Manicure, Pedicures, Yoga, Maat Therapies, Meditation, SAS Fitness Challenge, Heaven’s Realm, Beauty Service, Triniti Nails Joanne B Cakes, Zidac Laboratories, Royalts_cakesnoir, SHAROYAL, footwear customised, footwear Charms, Satin Headwear, Ring Lights, Youth with a Dream, SMH Wedding Village One Stop Shop, Special FX Media, Azi Sorrel