Barrel Children: The Families Windrush Left Behind – with Director Q&A

Thursday 25 January

A screening of the stellar debut film from award-winning journalist Nadine White, Barrel Children: The Families Windrush Left Behind.


The RCA invites you to join us for a captivating film screening and Q&A with the Director of ‘Barrel Children: The Families Windrush Left Behind’. The event will be hosted at RCA Battersea, where we will delve into the heartwarming and eye-opening stories of reconciliation and rediscovery within a new world that made little sense to the children left behind.

The UK’s first dedicated Race Correspondent, Nadine White, has launched the film to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Windrush, which peels back the layered tales of the Caribbean youngsters who grew up away from their Windrush parents before migrating to join them in Britain. Hailed as a “must watch” by Barbara Blake-Hannah, Britain’s first Black television newspaper reporter, with further endorsement from Britain’s first Black woman MP Diane Abbott.

The term ‘Barrel Children’ is commonly used to describe children whose only connection with their parents was through remittances from abroad.

Director Comments

“The impact of serial migration upon Black Caribbean families has yet to be robustly explored in the national conversation around Windrush. For the first time in British cinematic history, this film will highlight these underexplored perspectives.

“This has been a five-year-long labour of love, inspired by my late father who was a ‘Barrel Child’, and I am delighted that people will finally get to see the documentary in its full form”.