Diversity and Inclusion, and its Relationship with Leadership and Organisation

Tuesday 16th May 2017 - 6pm – 8pm

Speaker: Sylvana Storey, Change Management Consultant – Culture & Inclusion and ABP Book Contributor

In general, no one would disagree that organisations should enforce reasonable behaviour when dealing with talent, recruitment, retention and discipline in the workplace, especially when matters concerning diversity and inclusion have to be addressed.

However, when there are biases at play, highly charged political atmospheres and /or people are both busy and stressed then, behaviours change: some behaviours can become extreme and some can change altogether, mostly for the worse.

Although the UK has made some progress towards driving diversity and inclusion in their organisations this has largely been by stealth and organisations appear to be experiencing diversity fatigue. The tide has gone back out and targets once hailed as groundbreaking have not been sustained.

In particular, there has been limited or no integration between leadership performance, organisational performance, diversity and inclusion dimensions and performance outcomes. The D&I agenda has exposed both leadership and systemic gaps which this session will focus on. This session will present a holistic approach to D&I by demonstrating how the organisation is linked to all aspects of D&I and offer practical tips as to how we, as business psychologists, can help organisations in this difficult and sensitive area to look at themselves honestly in the mirror and distil out key issues for progress.

Sylvana Storey has built her career on advising clients on strategic change which includes Culture & Inclusion. She is a passionate advocate of diversity in organisations as its richness can be leveraged to boost employee engagement, innovation and financial performance when channelled strategically. Sylvana is a contributor to both ABP Books, and her most recent contribution provides a completely fresh look at leadership, inclusion and diversity.


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