Monday 17 May 2021


BROCKHAMPTON put on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been to quite a few. Their DJ, Romil, played a few songs from the likes of Kanye West, Travis Scott, Future, Frank Ocean and Asap Rocky for about 15 minutes or so and then, without leaving the stage, instantly transistioned into playing BROCKHAMPTON’s instrumentals. They started with HEAT, one of their hardest bangers, which was a great way to get the crowd very excited. Each of the band’s 6 rappers/vocalists came out one by one for their parts in the song. They played a pretty even mix of 13 songs from SATURATION 1 and 2 before leaving the stage, with highlights for me being JUNKY, BUMP, MILK, and QUEER.

However, they were far from done. Bearface came out to the stage on his own with a guitar to play his 2 solo cuts from the albums, WASTE and SUMMER. These songs are very different from the rest of their caralogue, but still incredibly enjoyable and gave the show some cool variety. After Bearface finished, the rest of BROCKHAMPTON came back out to perform their mega-hit, STAR. And they performed the heck out of it. They played STAR a total of 6 times in a row, leading to an epic moshpit and energy release. From start to end, BROCKHAMPTON put on an amazing show, with their smoother cuts being just as entertaining as the bangers. I’ll be going to see them every chance I get from now on.

Price: £39.00

Doors open: 19:00