Fri 31 Jan – Sat 1 Feb 2020

Poland 1943. The liquidation of the Krakow ghetto. Alexsandra and her only daughter Anya are preparing to evacuate their home to join their fellow Jews until Anya comes up with a plan. One that changes their lives forever…

With the help of a young Hungarian Jew named Nikolai, a friendship emerges where trust and loyalty is more important than ever to survive the death camp.

Kanada tells the story of Nikolai and Anya and their stories as Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz.

‘They undress us, they shave our hair, the Germans are trying to make us feel less human. But they cannot remove our souls. That we must maintain.’

‘If the goal of the Nazi’s was to de humanise these people then the potential of the theatre is to re humanise them. To give them their name, their voice, their narrative and their story.’

Based on true events.


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