The Black Past – Africa’s White Age: An Introduction to Colonialism

Mon, 23 November 2020

In this 9-part series, we explore the stories of Black people throughout time across the globe, placing Africa at the centre of human story.

We will travel across the civilisations of precolonial Africa, taking a look at how societies were run, what people did on a daily basis, the educational, mathematical & scientific advancements of the times, as well as examining the incredible ancient monuments. We will also delve into the buried history of Black resistance to Western imperialism, from the dawn of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade to the epoch of colonisation.

Western aggression did not end with the abolition of slavery. This week, we take a look at the dark histories of the Berlin Conference and the European colonisation of the entire African continent. We explore what colonialism meant for African people, Europe’s economies and how Black people resisted this imperialism.

This event is for all ages and anyone looking to learn more about Black history outside of the Civil Rights Era.

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