Infinity Knives & Brian Ennals + Dereck d.a.c + I am Fya

Thursday 24th March

Awesome Experimental Hip Hop Duo Over From Washington Dc For Their First Uk Tour.


Thursday 24th March | 7pm | £12(If You Have A Job And /or Can Afford That) £5 (If You Can’t)

Too Excited About This Triple Bill Evening Of Experimental Hip Hop , Vocal Wizardry ,beat Juggling And Noise Music

Loud & Quiet Magazine: “An Instant Classic…it’s Hard To Believe This Is The First We’ve Heard Of Infinity Knives. With Any Luck, It Won’t Be The Last.”

We Feel Super Lucky To Have This Exceptional Hip Hop Act Over All The Way From United States For Their First Uk Tour! Get In To See Them In Our Intimate Space Before They Get Too Big – And They Will! Sounds Something Like A Mix Of Shabazz Palaces, Run The Jewels And 80’s Biz Markie But Pretty Hard To Pin Down!

Infinity Knives is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer from Baltimore, MD by way of Madagascar, Tanzania, and South Africa. His most recent solo album “Dear Sudan” was released to acclaim in November 2020 on Phantom Limb records. The LP led to an enthusiastic write up in the legendary Spin magazine and a position as the musical director of popular NPR podcast Invisibillia. One of Tariq’s favorite albums is Candy Cigarettes, a 2013 release by MD rapper/singer Brian Ennals. This led to three collaborations between the two on the aforementioned Dear Sudan which then led to their joint album “Rhino XXL”.

Last November Mind on Fire, an orchestral group based out of Baltimore put on a two night show highlighting Knives work. Brian performed several songs and both nights sold out. Infinity Knives and Brian Ennals have just wrapped a new album, King Cobra, which, based on advanced word is an early contender for album of the year, any genre. They’re not revolutionaries, but both of them hope that revolutionaries are playing this album while knocking the windows out of police vehicles. The pair are beginning a European tour in March and hope to keep performing to increasingly packed venues for the near future.

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Dereck is a proudly independent 24 year old rapper from Brighton by way of Brazil and Barcelona. Having moved to the UK as a child, dereck was raised on not only the Bossa nova, Jazz and Soul heard in his family living room, but also on the underground hip-hop he was discovering for himself through his Brighton peers and YouTube binges. The result is a sound and artistic outlook that encompasses all of the above, combining a genuine love for music with his DIY approach.Drawing inspiration from rappers like , and MIKE, dereck is known for his honest lyricism and appreciation for hip-hop history. d.a.c.’s music has gained attention from the likes of Complex, District Magazine and other outlets in the past, while also taking him to stages in support of Chlobocop, Black Josh and Fliptrix in his career so far.

Brighton’s answer to original, feel good, flower powered, real talk – hip hop. He is young still but has grown from strength to strength in his world of creations. He makes his own artwork and videos and is an all round multi -discipline artist on the scene. I suppose he sounds abit like early Tribe called Quest and abit like Kendrick Lamarr (To pimp a Butterfly) but really his original UK sound shines right through.

Listen here to his music

I am Fya

I Am Fya is an experimental artist from Manchester, based in Brighton, UK. When The Rosehill solicited a noise set, I Am Fya accepted the challenge. She will be performing When Worlds Collide : a special, one-of-a-kind experimental noise set focussing on the juxtaposition of urban and country life. Incorporating harsh city sounds, distorted textures, sub bass drones, eavesdropped conversations, household sounds, the beeps and bustle of an A&E waiting room, daredevil car rides clashing with bird song and freestyled vocals. The conflicting sounds will overlap, fight for attention, rise and fall, and accidental rhythms will come and go.

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