‘We’ve Got Your Back’ Networking Event 2021

Wednesday 3 November 2021

After the success of previous years, the Babbasa flagship youth-led event returns once again this Autumn.


‘We’ve Got Your Back’ will be a celebration of Bristol’s cultural diversity and act as a platform for aspiring young adults (16-25) from Bristol’s inner-city communities to connect with local professionals and business leaders from a variety of industries and learn about different career options and pathways.

The special event will be hosted by Babbasa’s Youth Ambassadors and will involve a panel discussion on the theme of cultural identity and the chance to network with over 50 professionals across 12 key career sectors from film to finance. Guest speakers will include basketball player and motivational speaker, Daniel Edozie.

‘We’ve Got Your Back’ event is part of a wider Babbasa campaign to re-engage 400 young people from ethnic minority and low-income households adversely affected by the pandemic over the next 12 months.

The industries that will be present at the event will include:

Creative and Tech – These industries combine computers, designing and art, including digital product design, digital media or advertising and media made with a software-based, electronic and/or data-driven engine, as well as comms and marketing.

Culture and Arts – The arts encompass visual arts, literary arts and the performing arts. Jobs in this field could include writers, artists, musicians, poets, performers and presenters, people and cultural advisors or policy officers for example.

Business and Finance – Roles in this industry could include accountants, actuaries, auditors, bank managers, bookkeepers and business advisors amongst others.

Retail and Hospitality – This could involve customer service in a wide range of areas such as shops, leisure centres, restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Built Environment and Construction – Professionals in this industry may include roles such as engineers, construction workers and pioneers for sustainability, with related skills being planning and overseeing projects, practicality and logic.

Education and Public Sector – This involves social issues and support-related roles such as teachers, teaching assistants, support workers, charity workers and education officers.