Gwoka Dance

Friday 16th December

Gwoka is a vibrant traditional music & dance, from the French Caribbean Islands of Guadeloupe.


Created by enslaved African people during the seventeenth century, Gwoka is used as a form of communication and expression via music, song, dance, and cultural practices to celebrate and pass on the stories of Guadeloupean people and society.  

More than an art form, Gwoka strengthens identity and provides a feeling of communal development and individual pride. 

Over the next 10 weeks, Ziloka in collaboration with Sylvie Dixit, a Paris-based Gwoka dance teacher from Ka Danse Mouv’ will teach you the traditional art form of Gwoka dance, accompanied by live Gwoka rhythms played on the Ka drums, group clapping and responsorial Creole singing for all age groups and levels.  

Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Duration: 2 hours
Space: Studio 6