Love and Light Meditation: Self-Love and Beyond

Saturday, July 7, 2018 6:30 PM 9:30 PM

Ideas about the power of thoughts and its potential to transform our consciousness can traced back to the mystery systems of ancient Egypt. Since then mindfulness and meditation have developed into practices used to nurture our well-being, harnessing self-love and developing greater self-awareness.  Join this interactive workshop to learn principles and practices of Loving KindnessMeditation, a method of developing compassion that encourages self-love and its extension of this love outside of ourselves to others and more broadly, in the world around us. A feast for your soul, this session provides the additional treat of inspiring poetry performed live to further uplift the spirit heart and mind.

Naomi McLean is qualified and accredited meditation teacher with over 10 years’ experience in meditation practice. She has founded Love and Light Meditationto help and encourage others to live a more positive and healthy life; mind, body and soul.

£12, £10 concessions

BCA Friends benefit from priority booking, tickets go on sale 8 May 2018. General tickets on sale 15 May 2018.