24 Hours with a Theologian: Robert Beckford

Wednesday 10th May

Dismantling Structural Racism in Western Christianity: An Afri-centric, multi-media, practical theological approach.


One of the reasons for the circular approach to combatting racialized oppression in the church and society is the failure to dismantle the structures of thought and practice responsible for creating the conditions for maintaining racialized hierarchy and practices of exclusion. These sessions explore the histories, ideas and processes that maintain structural racism, identify (biblical) practices of dismantling, and underline practical case studies for new models of fugitive communities of hope and restoration for post-Brexit, post-Covid Britain.

Robert Beckford (PhD) is the Climate and Social Justice professor at the University of Winchester and professor of Black Theology at the Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham, and Vu University, Amsterdam. Robert is the author of numerous books exploring the intersection of race, theology and culture. His current research on the coloniality of church music will be published later this year as ‘Decolonising Contemporary Gospel Music Through Praxis: Handsworth Revolution’ (Bloomsbury, 2023). Robert is also an award-winning filmmaker. His most recent film project, ‘After the Flood: Christianity, Slavery and Reconciliation (2022), has been shortlisted for the Stanford St Martin Award (2023) and is one of the recommended films for the Windrush Film Festival (2023) as part of the Windrush 75th anniversary celebrations.

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