Black Future – Untitled Exhibition

Thu, 15 Oct 2020, 12:00 – Sat, 31 Oct 2020, 19:30 BST

Black History month is a month to celebrate blackness. There is something about this celebration that hits middle ground for us at Maokwo. Can we start from a blank page please…? History has taught us lessons that we are still unpacking to this very day. The present is teaching us about our black future. Can we start from a blank page please. Our young people were supposeldy born free….? if thats the case how do we explain the default tiltle that seems to latch onto them the moment they take their first breath…

At Maokwo we work with across all ages, however our eyes, minds are minding young creatives, to do with their space in the art sector and system in general. Are they genuinely represented? Are they tick boxed, is the arts sector, the system, force feeding them activism mindsets for breakfast?

Holding spaces, belonging , are conversations that come up a lot in our day to day work as artists, however, as margnalised artists we are dealing with other layers. In our city we do not have a place we call ours. Physical Arty spaces are white led. So for Belgrade to open their doors for us to test out exhibiting and performing in these challenging times. Its a major step.

Untitled is an exhibition giving space to our young leaders (from our young leaders programme) Ryan, Zoey, Japhet and Chrissie. Chrissie is the YXNG & GXFTED young producer. The project creatively educates young peolple from 11 to 18years to do with Black history, black figures, black future… Thanks to John from BACE and Leon from Belgrade who are steadly supporting Chrissie in her Producer role.

As a springboard company at Belgrade theatre the support to make this exhibition happen has been overwelmingly great!! Thanks to H and the team.