Mr Jayvic’s EP listening party

Sunday 19 December 2021

The first instalment of a New AfroGospel & Afrobeats collaborative project, curated by UK-based Afro-Gospel Afrobeats artist, Mr Jayvic.


Demons Chasing Me EP is a unique project with a focus on Mr Jayvic’s personal journey to serve God. The EP tells a story of Mr Jayvic’s triumph over the demons he had to face in order to draw closer to God. The EP takes you on a journey of Deliverance, Submission and Blessings told through music.

The events of the day will include, Live Performances, 360 degree filming experience, Q&A, Debate and Networking. Hosted by King David productions, and our MC, A.D.E aka Africans Can Do Everything.

The project features, Mr Jayvic & His wife Aisha J, including Pastor Rueben Harris, Ruth Harris, Gabriella, Marcus Lota and a few others.