Book Launch: The Life and Histories of Edward Tull-Warnock (1886-1950)

Monday 4 December

Join Phil Vasili for the launch of his new book all about Edward Tull-Warnock, one of Scotland’s first black dentists and a noted sportsman.

We’re delighted to welcome Phil Vasili to the College to launch his latest book, published by Rymour Books, The Life and Histories of Edward Tull-Warnock (1886-1950) – The incredible story of a boy from a plantation slavery family who became a noted sportsman and NHS dentist.

The book discusses Edward’s life in the context of his family’s Black Atlantic heritage. His status as one of Scotland’s first Black dentists is the biographical prism through which we navigate the triangular journey from the West coast of Africa via the Caribbean to St Vincent Street, Glasgow. A member of Turnberry Golf Club, Scottish league footballer, supporter of the Socialist Medical Association and renowned singer of ‘Negro Spirituals’, his life reveals a fascinating and counterintuitive view of the experiences of a Black Scot born at the height of Empire.

The college is the perfect venue for the launch of the book. Edward Tull-Warnock was a licentiate of the College gaining his Licence in Dental Surgery in 1910.