Exile of The African Warrior

Friday 18 June 2021

Exile of The African Warrior tour

For this one-night-only music concert, experience the perfect blend of African Music and story-telling, traditional and vibrant costumes, powerful vocals with beautiful harmonies, African instruments & percussions, energetic dancing, humour and lots of audience participation.

Exile of the African Warrior is centred around the àjọyọ Festival and focuses on the tale of how an exiled African Warrior became a legend. This production takes you on a spectacular visual and musical journey depicting the life (Urban legend) of Odùduwà a Yoruba Deity, considered to be the birth father to the Yoruba tribe, years before he assumed that title.

This story is brought to life through the vocal chords and ancestral inspired melody of Bimbi Philips music, a perfect blend of visual and musical representation formed into a masterpiece.

“If you love the Lion King, you will love this African music Concert” (Tribe urban Radio)

“Intoxicating… the perfect blend of African storytelling and music” (Smade Events)

“Bimbi Philips performances have been one to talk about. Music and storytelling, always remarkable” (FTLOApodcast)

*This production is recommended for a general audience. As an advisory to adults who might bring young people, we recommend the production for ages 6 and above.