Omo Nigeria by Rubee Samuel

Saturday 11th June

Join us for the launch of Omo Nigeria by Rubee Samuel


‘Omo’ means child in Yorùbá.

In 2019, Rubee Samuel self-funded a trip to Lagos to teach photography at two primary schools.

During her workshops she introduced the children to the work of established West African photographers and to the ideas behind fashion stories: styling and storytelling through photography. With props, clothes and simple film cameras, she enabled the children to enter the fantasy world of dressing up within the grown-up conceptual world of an editorial fashion story.

Omo Nigeria is Rubee Samuel’s first book and depicts the results of her teachings: the fashion stories, concepted, styled and shot by the children themselves as well as her portrait sessions with the children.

Omo Nigeria is also the first book from independent publishers Twentyfour Thirtysix, co-founded by Rubee Samuel. Publishers dedicated to showcasing and promoting visual artists with heritage from the subtropics and tropics.

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