Jamaica Love

Saturday 29 - Sunday 30th July

Jamaica Love is a new stage production that brings together singers, musicians and actors to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Windrush, the ship that brought hundreds of West Indian citizens from the Caribbean to the UK.

Exploring the long and turbulent history between Britain and Jamaica as well as the wider Caribbean. Issues of national identity, resistance and resilience come to life with humour and pathos as the audience is immersed in an amazing musical time-capsule of the Windrush generation.

This powerful story will have you dancing in your seats as the legendary John Mclean and the Zaine Band, accompanied by the amazing Celia Wickham-Anderson and Liberty celebrate Jamaica’s unique musical heritage including ska, rock-steady and reggae.

Written and directed by Mervyn Weir (author of I Can’t Breathe), an award-winning writer and filmmaker. Renowned for blending his love of poetry, performance and visual arts to create transformative works. Previous work from Weir has been described as “powerful, thought-provoking and stimulating”.

Starring Nicole Dayes, Kamesha Francis, Allison Mason, Dominic Mcgrath, Devon Morgan, Nathaniel Thomas