The African Art Series (Public Viewing)

Friday 8 October - Saturday 9 October 2021

A ground-breaking event featuring the finest works from African artists.


The African Art Series is a unique art experience created to celebrate the creative depth and technical flair of African artworks, presenting them as fruits of Africa’s myriad expressions of opulence, beauty and enjoyment.

The title of the first exhibition in the series is ‘Luminosity’.

This inaugural edition will unapologetically luxuriate in the ‘luminosity’ of African artists, through a curated display of inspirational and incandescent artworks.

The exhibition will draw from the fertile intersection between contemporary art from the Africa, its diaspora and nascent notions of African luxury, intertwined with the luxury narrative in a broader western context.

Set in the exquisite surroundings of London’s Bulgari Hotel Ballroom, the exhibition is the first iteration of ‘The African Art Series’: a series of themed pop-up exhibitions designed to showcase artwork from new and established artists across the African continent and its diaspora, in elegant surroundings, to celebrate the unprecedented rise in appreciation for the unique aesthetic of African Art.

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