A History Of British Black Music Through The Ages

September 30, 2017

History of BBM

History of BBM
This is for information only on a Diversity House African History Month event delivered by BTWSC and BBM/BMC founder Kwaku. For more information, please go to: http://www.diversityhouse.org.uk/product/uk-history-of-black-music-and-musicians-throughout-the-ages-workshop or contact: info@diversityhouse.org.uk.

Discover the earliest African musicians who contributed to the development of British black music today.

Music industry and history consultant Kwaku will deliver an accessible, family-friendly audio-visual assisted presentation on black music making in the British Isles over two millennia.

Kwaku is an author/editor of a number of books, educator specialising in black music and African British history, editor of BritishBlackMusic.com (BBM) and its Newsletter.

Also check out www.BBM.eventbrite.com for music related, www.HarrowBHM.eventbrite.com and www.AfricanHistoryPlus.eventbrite.com for history and community events.