Chesaba: Abel Selaocoe, Sidiki Dembélé, Alan Keary

Saturday 5th November

Hear Chesaba, the electrifying trio of African celebration, as they perform music influenced by African, jazz and classical traditions.


Chesaba’s members – Abel Selaocoe, Alan Keary and Sidiki Dembélé – create music using an eclectic blend of instruments, including cello, kora, n’goni, African percussion and double bass, plus vocals delivered in the languages of Bambara, Zulu, Sotho, Tswana and more.

These elements are formed into vibrant and virtuosic rhythms coupled with powerful traditional melodies.

It’s music made of a raw and colourful blend of African cultures, from the West African griot tradition to the soulful South African township music that expresses a powerful history.

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