Discussion Event: Past Reflections – African History in England

Thu 3rd September

Join us as we look at the African contribution at three pivotal moments in English history brought to life by distinguished historians Onyeka Nubia, S.I. Martin and Robin Walker.

Africans in Tudor England: Onyeka Nubia
Expanding on the success of Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England, their Presence, Status and Origins, Onyeka provides a stimulating perspective to the Africans present in the Tudor period. At a time of huge economic growth Onyeka explores the influence Africans had at this time, their personal stories and contributions which continue to shape how we see ourselves as a nation today.

Africans in Georgian England: S.I. Martin
Georgian England saw an explosion in the arts and social change through the formation of political parties, the birth of the industrial revolution, and the subsequent division of class hierarchy. Martin will explore the Black consciousness and activism of this dynamic period in English society, providing a clear understanding of a forgotten past which has marginalised the African contribution to a mere footnote in history.

Black culture of modern British society: Robin Walker
Challenging the rhetoric and opinions of historians such as David Starkey, Robin Walker explains the true Black British cultural life and its influence on the wider understanding of British culture. He will reveal the influence of Black culture in modernity and the surprising links of cultural interchange between Black settlers in Britain and the British working classes since Empire Windrush (1948).

Time: 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Tickets are £10.00, book online.
Limited availability, early booking is advisable.

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