Windrush@75 – Visit Clapham South: Subterranean Shelter

Sunday 2 June

Embark on an immersive journey through history! Delve deep into Clapham South Shelter and uncover the untold tales of the Windrush generation.

Explore beneath the surface as we take a guided tour through over a mile of subterranean passageways at Clapham South Shelter. This hidden enclave under London’s bustling streets reveals the extraordinary stories of the Windrush generation alongside the lives of others who sought refuge there during World War II.

Home to 236 hopeful Caribbean migrants who arrived on the Empire Windrush in 1948, the shelter now offers important insight into what life was like for the new arrivals.

This historic site offers a glimpse into a pivotal chapter of British history, inviting you to learn, reflect and understand how the Windrush Generation and their stories still impact us today.

Please note:

  • Attendents must be 14+ to join this Trip
  • No step-free access on the tour and no working lift on site.
  • There are 180 steps connecting the entrance at street level to the platforms below. You must have an adequate level of fitness to undertake this tour. You may be refused entry if you appear to not meet this requirement.
  • The tour will include access to confined areas which may be unsuitable for people with claustrophobia.
  • There will be areas which have low lighting and may be dusty.
  • We recommend wearing sturdy shoes
  • No toilets or cloakrooms available

For further information please see:

If you suspect you may have any issues entering please refrain from booking or call London Transport Museum on 0343 222 5000 to seek further advice.

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