Anti-Racism/Racial Literacy Dialogue Sessions

Sunday 19 December 2021

Anti-Racism/Racial Literacy Dialogue Sessions


Did you know that we have been trained to not talk about race in an era of white supremacy?

Collectively, we need to dismantle white supremacy. Part of this action is to talk about race in our society. Join us if you want this work. This session is also for you if you have any questions or curiosities about racial/white privilege, anti-racism, racism, why civil rights activists are protesting in the streets and/or institutional racism. All of us are welcome to attend these dialogue sessions. If interested, readings and films to help prepare are listed below.

We will hold these sessions online using Zoom. Expect a zoom link to be sent out prior to the session. Expect 2 facilitators present at each event. See below for background information about each of the facilitators.

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